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This website tries to help you gain valuable competences and prepare for your university entry exams! Often there are choices in tasks. Make sure you choose the way that helps you learn most! It's about you!


Of course this site doesn't replace studying. You have worked on a lot of topics in class which need to be revised. Make sure you read the novels and dramas that are on the agenda and rehearse writing.

Decadent Cakes: Q1

The USA - The Foundation of a Nation


Find out how to give a convincing speech and see through influential speeches.


Reflect on your dreams and find out about the impact the American Dream has on one of the most influential nations on our planet.


Read "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee" and watch the movie by Robert Mulligan (1962).



Former topics: 


Get to know América, Cándido, Delaney and Kyra and their different feelings towards migration in "The Tortilla Curtain".


Lehrplan Hessen: Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 und Abschlussprofil S. 57-67


Leseliste (Abiturerlass 2017)

Leseliste (Abiturerlass 2018)

Leseliste (Abiturerlass 2019)





chewy cookies: Q2

How would you like to be king or queen? Find out what it's like to live in a monarchy. And find out a bit about Great Britain.


What's typical for you? What's typically German? Or typically British? Or typically ...? Reflect on stereotypes, statistics and traditions.


Get to know Mah Jabin, Jesminder, Anvar Khan and Begum and find out about their lives as second generation immigrants in the UK. Can you imagine what it's like to walk in their shoes?


Former / advanced topics:

Shakespeare has lived 400 years ago. With his dramas we can find out about timeless topics like jealousy, love and betrayal.



moist Cupcakes: Q3 - Q4

Amy Elizabeth Biehl, a white US American girl, was killed by black students in Guguletu, South Africa in 1993. "Mother to Mother" tells the story of the life of her murderer through her mothers eyes.


South Africa. The most southern sovereign state in Africa. The multiethnic society has struggled with Apartheid, inequality and crime.


How can you find your way in a globalizing world? And which responsibility comes with this time and age? Find out what globalization might ask from you and what it does for you.






Former topics:


War. Reading Kurt Vonnegut's "Slaughterhouse-Five" we'll learn how the depiction of war has an influence on our opinion towards it.


Canada: A place you'd like to live? Learn about Canadian identity, nature and multicultural influences. (Abitur 2014)